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Thank you for checking out our website. Hope you have enjoyed your visit. Now the fun stuff.

We are a non profit agency, a 501C-3, which receives no money from the federal government. Nor will we ever.

So...........we rely on donations from our members, friends, and the community at large.

We do fabulous work here, such as:

Parent Support, Counseling, And Education; Pre-Natal Consultation; Information And Referral; Developmental Therapy For Children; Pre-Teen, Teen, And Young Adult Programs; Creative Expression Through Art; Advocacy; Community Education.

In order to continue what we do, we need your financial help. This can be done through Pay-Pal. So please give what you can, as consistently as you can. Every donation makes an impact whether it is large or small. Your tax deductible gift to the DSC will touch the lives of many. Please be there for us as we are here for you. On behalf of all the people we serve - young and old - thank you. Your gift is one of keeping us all connected.