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Step Classes

BABY STEPS (pre-natal, birth to 3ish) meets twice monthly. This group is helpful in understanding and supporting your baby�s development and provides the opportunity to share friendship, information, and the celebration of our delightful kids together! Music therapy in offered the second group of each month.

EXPRESS YOURSELF (developmental ages 9-14) Goal is to improve each student�s language development (both expressive and receptive), self expression through art and movement, social communication and interaction, and friendship. Self care and personal hygiene are also addressed. This exciting active class also improves cognitive and academic skills as well as fine motor skills.

STEP IN (Danville), STEP Out (Oakland), STEP Together (Albany)-three teen and young adult groups which support key skills for this �transition� aged population. We focus on skill building in three main areas: Social/Friendship, Leisure/Recreation and Inter/Independent Living. These very active and fun groups emphasize positive communication and social values, personal awareness and empowerment through vital peer and group relationships, fitness and recreation (including outdoor adventure trips like skiing and white water rafting) and creative movement and the expressive arts. Emphasis is on "Ability" and personal responsibility in a safe and exciting group. We utilize peer volunteers called PALS-Peer Assistance Leadership and Support.